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Will you be an agent of freedom, or a corporate slave, you decide.
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 The World As We Know It (Plot)

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PostSubject: The World As We Know It (Plot)   Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:51 pm

How it Started
Why did it happen? nobody really knows, suddenly it was like we woke up from a peaceful dream into a harsh reality. The United States had been turned into a nationwide fallout zone. How did this happen? Well, t all started when our government decided to piss everyone off, they implemented military presence and did it for one of the worlds most precious resources, oil. The price of fossil feuls in the states had gone upp immensly, and we had resorted to threats to keep ourselves alive. The President made a stupid call and threatened war upon thte whole of the earth, as if we would just rally our allies and go mess stuff up, but damn it all, that didn't work. Russia, North Korea, China, Japan, The Taliban, everyone who hated us aimed their missiles at the United States. Unlike the cold war this was no ordinary threat. Due to rash actions and stupid decisions on our governments part, the United Nations as a whole, turned against the U.S. These missiles though, they were no ordinary missile, they were, different. When the bombs hit the only damage left was from the crater that they made on impact. Little did we know that these missiles contained a near untraceable amount of radiation, it would not kill, but it would drive the human psyche to shambles. Regular people became ruthless killing machines, and the longer they stayed exposed the worse it got. By the end of it all, only 4 percent of the population remained unaffected. These people cannot be cured and your safest bet is to stay away. Only those smart enough to stay underground, or people on peace missions out of the states were able to avoid radiation poisoning. And as quickly as it hit, the Radiation vanished, leaving those infected, to stay that way.
The Rise of Empire
Many major businessmen were able to survive the attacks, and now with all their money, have privatized their own military to horde any provisions and resources for themselves. Many people joined their "army" the promise of free food and a warm bed tempted most, but the greed tempted others. Since then major corporations have continued to enslave and oppress the normal population. Many buildings were left to shambles, that is except their own. The biggest corporation, Excelon, controls the "country" as if it was their own. There is no more government, no more president, only business.
The Resistance
Small groups of people have gathered together to make their country revert to how it was, and "take down" these corporations. Many are young people, trying to exist in this harsh society, many are men trying to make a difference. Their cause unites them. They have formed a small army, a resistance persay, and with that they will take back what is theirs. This is their fight, the fight for survival.
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The World As We Know It (Plot)

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